Dynamics CRM Developer

  • موقعیت:
  • دستمزد:
    20,000,000 IRR - 25,000,000 IRR / ماهیانه
  • نوع شغل:
    تمام وقت
  • ثبت شده:
    5 ماه پیش
  • دسته بندی:
    فناوری اطلاعات
  • آخرین مهلت:
    مهر 5, 1397
  • زبانهای خارجی:
  • جنسیت:
    آقا, خانم

عنوان فرصت شغلی: Dynamics CRM Developer

شرح وظایف و مسئولیت ها

Design and Integrate business processes and data flows, in MS Dynamics CRM.
Create or Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboards which provide a collection of view lists, charts and frames that can display data from the CRM database.
Work closely with other team member to provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM subject matter expertise on all major project requiring a Dynamics CRM solution.
Provide user training on all custom Dynamic CRM solutions, workflows, forms, dashboards, and reports.

Education: bachelor’s degree
Experiences: 1 yr

مهارتها و دانش مورد نیاز:

  1. CRM
  2. Dynamic CRM solutions